The results are in and we have a pretty good idea of how many people are coming. Based on the feedback you have given us we have decided on the following: The price will be $8/adult and $5/child. This will include:
  • Full use of the Storr's Pond facilities
  • Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, condiments, napkins
  • Someone to man the grill*
  • A lifeguard at the site**
  • A small keepsake which will be a surprise until you get there***
*We thought of having one of us do it, but the point is not to get stuck behind the grill but rather spend time with each other **We felt it was important with all of us enjoying each others' company that the extra piece of mind of having a trained lifeguard at the site to watch the kids in the water was worth the small expense. ***There will be enough for each class member (unless a lot more of you show than we expected!), but there will be extras for sale if you want more than one -- that is, bring an extra five bucks just in case.

This does NOT include beverages or side dishes. Most people voted this way so for those who didn't (mostly people who will be traveling) all I can say is grab something at Shaw's on your way through. ;)

A note to all the people who have already donated: Thank you!!! All of you have donated enough to cover yourselves so please don't fill out this form. If you would just email me your numbers (number of adults and children who will be attending) I will make a note of it.

Finally, to those whom this recession has hit the hardest: We have attempted to make this as inexpensive as we could while still being worthwhile. If you find yourself deciding against coming because you don't think you can come up with the money, email me and we'll work it out. We are more interested in you than your money.

To pay, click on the appropriate "Add To Cart" button. It will take you to another screen where you can put in quantities. If you are bringing children, please click on "Continue Shopping" on the next screen and click on the Child "Add To Cart" button. Lastly, the float building committee is laying out some money for building materials, candy, etc. If you'd like to help defray that cost, please click on the Donation button as well and add as much as you'd like. Any money leftover will be donated to LHS in some form.

Barbecue (Adult)
$8.00 per person
Barbecue (Child)
$5.00 per person
Float Materials Donation
$5.00, $10.00, $15.00...
If you don't wish to make a donation online, you can send a check to:

LHS Class of 1989
c/o David Rowell
202 Ryder Corner Rd
Sunapee, NH 03782